150 Years of History


2014 marked the 150th anniversary of the founding of Alpine County & we celebrated with many events leading up to and on the anniversary date.


Did you catch the article that KOLO News did on Alpine County: 150 Years Staying Small? Be sure to check it out at this link!

Alpine County has a rich history. It was settled in a time when thousands of Americans flocked westward seeking fame, fortune and a new life. Alpine County was officially founded at the height of the American Civil War in 1864.

The earliest settlers of the area were the Washo band of the Hung Lei Ti. It was not until the expeditions of John C. Fremont and Kit Carson in 1844 and the discovery of gold that these two cultures would cross. The allure of gold and silver would soon bring hundreds of Americans to settle in the high Sierra Nevada mountain valleys. From those origins, Alpine County would see both boom and bust seeing increases and decreases in population as a result of development and outdoor recreation following the end of the gold and silver rush. Today, Alpine County remains an outdoorsman’s paradise thanks to the various hiking trails and bountiful lakes, rivers and streams along with year round resort destinations at Kirkwood and Bear Valley. But the remnants of Alpine County’s mining past remain in places like Silver Mountain City, a reminder of the county’s profitable origins.

For those that have lived here, and those that continue to call Alpine County their home, that same pioneer spirit continues to be the foundation of everything that Alpine County stands for.

Please visit our history page to learn more about the rich history of the area.

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