Hot Springs

hotspringsOne of the Alpine Sierra region’s most popular attractions is the Grover Hot Springs State Park. Situated west of Markleeville, the Hot Springs have attracted people for years for what many believe to be their soothing and curative powers.

For current fees, days and hours of operation, call (530) 694-2249.

Hot springs are common along the eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada, formed by the recent uplift of the range and the volcanic activity associated with the earth’s movement. As ground water seeps into the earth, it is heated by hot magma, returning to the surface as steam laden with dissolved minerals. At the surface, it bubbles from the ground at about 150 degrees F.

Bathing facilities include a hot pool, maintained at 102-104 degrees F., a cool lap pool, changing rooms and showers. Nearby, the State Park maintains a beautiful 76 space campground, a portion of which is open all year.

For more information, call 530-694-2248. Campground Reservations can be made by calling 800-444-7275.

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