Whitewater Rafting

carsonriverEvery Spring, the East Fork of the Carson River offers an exciting whitewater rafting and kayaking experience. Fed by winter’s melting snows from about May to July, twenty eight miles of this state designated ‘Wild & Scenic River’ are suitable for rafting and kayaking.

The ‘East Fork’ is a land of contrasts, from the mountainous pine covered slopes near it’s headwaters to rolling sage and juniper covered hills east of the crest. Along the way, an abundance of wildlife can be observed, including bald and golden eagles, deer, coyotes and an occasional bear.

The seven mile run above Hangman’s Bridge makes an ideal half day trip, while the twenty one mile stretch below the bridge is a great full day or overnight float. Numerous camping sites and several natural hot springs at the river’s edge provide a refreshing break along the river.

Though private rafting parties are welcome, several commercial rafting companies provided guided trips down the river. All rafters are cautioned that high water, obstacles and changing conditions along the river require extreme care.

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